McEntire's Mighty Missy Misfit

(Call name Missy)



 Pedigree of: McEntire’s Mighty Missy Misfit  





Date of Birth:  09/12/2007






AKC No.:  TR70264101






Sex:  Female






Owner:  Amy McEntire

Breeder:  Amy McEntire





CH Sha-Ring Flash Gordon-s

CH Bolero LiL Bigman O Genbrook

CH Bolero Nine Lives

Bolero Tahite Sweetie



CH B-Bar’s Sha-Ring Sallinnawimowch


CH Sha-Ring Showguns Legacy-s

CH Aloma Show Gun Sha Ring-L

Aloma Ninja Negra-S




CH O Pag Sha-Ring A Jewel O Clover

Jo-El Cassanova

CH Dartan Great Expectation

CH Jo-el Sweet Destiny


Sha-Ring-K-Jo’s Traveling Man



O Pag’s Clover

CH Kandee Piece of the Rock-L

O Pag’s Abby Jewel Juliet




CH O Pag Unforgettable Bear-l

CH Kandee Piece Of The Rock

CH Kandee Punk Rokers Stp-L

CH Robin’s Nest Hinderliter MNM



Sha-Ring Tiz-Liz of Jimbo


CH O Pag Feliz Navidad Oso

CH Soroko Niki the Nite Rider

CH Karma Cherub Bear O Pag’s




Sha-Ring Pats Christmas Eve-s

CH Show Me Diagos My Dad-l

CH Show me Don Diego of Jacker-L

Anene Show me High Fashion





Pat Holiday Reindeer-s

Ch Holiday De Detroit-s

Gonzales Bay Patches




Liscum’s Little Rebel

Tiny Mites’s Golde N Sunray

CH Jo-El’s the Ad-Ver-Tis-Er

Tiny Mites; Sun Spice



CH Bornemann’s Mighty Samson


Chacha Mu Chauda

Luera’s Ugly Boy of Hallean

Hannen Tara

CH Odyssey’s Pepe Le Pew



DPL’s Boots Of Magic

MiVida’s  The Star Jet

CH Nance’s Straight from Smoke

MiVida’s the Star Ivory, CD

TP25388401Blk & Tan Wh Mkgs

CH Scurto’s Run Around Sue of KB



Cobb’s Chocolate Lady

Feisty Pepper

Cobb’s Baby Girl




Liscum’s Keeper Of Golde And NJ

Tiny Mite’s Golde Sunray

CH Jo-El’s the Ad-Ver-Tis-Er

Tiny Mite’s Sun Spice



Feista’s Wake Up Little Suzy


Liscum’s Next Journey

Liscum’s Jorney for Jorg

CH Liscum’s Number Next




Liscum’s Miss Bet O’JB

MiVida’s The Star Jet

CH Nance’s Straight from Smoke

Mivida’s the Star Ivory, CD





Cobb’s Chocolate Lady

Feisty Pepper

Cobb’s Baby Girl




CH Jo-El’s Drummer Boy

CH Dartan’s Pirate Blackbeard

Black & Tan

CH Handwerk’s Lucky Strike Fawn

Dartan’s Black Eyed Susan Bk & Tan



CH Dixhill Dilettante CD

TC327655 Fn

CH Thurmer’s Little Jayma

CH Jay ‘N’ Dot’s Hot Diggity Fn & Wh

CH Bill’s Painted Love Fn & Wh

  McEntire’s Mighty Misty Misfit


TD115314 Fn & Wh

CH Hyauna’s Dixhill Demimonde

Hyauna’s Extra Fancy Deogee

Copycat’s Fonzie Fn & Wh

Lila B Of Westwind Fn & Wh

 Blue & Tan  on Wh

Embar’s Stormin’ Rayne



TC764712 Fn & Wh

Larliyn’s Moonlite Be Gone

Larilyn’s Volcano Dust Fn w/ Blk mask

Larilyn’s Elena Joarez Chocolate


TN64763003 Blk & Tan Wh Mkgs


Bliss-N-Bolero Idol Maker

CH Quachitah Beau Chiene

CH H And J’s Mystic Wizard Fn & Wh

CH Dartan’s Super Star Blk & Tn



Bolero’s Que Pasa Of Ember

TM85909902 Fn

Bliss Hosier Red Rose

CH Ouachitah For Your Eyes Only Cm

CH Bliss Hoosier Ima Smoothie Fn & Wh



TN34788802 Blk/Blk Brndl

Genbrook-Bolero Captivating

CH Pittore Genbrook N’Reast’r Pan

CH Pittores Peter Pan Choc & Wh

Pittores Muchachita Picante Bk & Tn




TM74597103 Blk & Tan Wh Mkgs

Genbrook’s Girl Named Sam

CH Ouachitah Beau Chiene FN

CH Pittores Keep On Glancing Bk & TN




CH Burgandy LiL Tinker O’Tamalyn

Regnier’s Hot Ammo-Nition

Regnier’s Hot N Naughty Fn

Regnier’s Button’s Up FN



Marquez’ Dynasty’s Nacho Man

TN59364401 Blk & Wh

Regnier’s Sneak A Peak

Pittore Stitch Dancer Dugger Bk & Tn

Sneaky On The Heirlines Regn Blk & Tn

Trivista’s Blue Craft Warning


TN73626302 Fn Wh Blk Msk

Regnier’s Dazzle’m Li’L Tiffany

CH Jo-El’s Hot Off The Press

CH Jo-El’s Meet The Press Fn & Wh

Dartan’s Sweet Charity Wh Fn Mrkings

TR39209802 Blue & Tan Wh Mkgs

Dynasty’s Jessica Rabbit


TN39800704 Fn/ Blk Mask

Five Star’s Raizinett Regnier

CH Five Star’s Amazin Raizin Bk & Tn

Five Star’s Rim Shot Susie Wh


TP06888803 Fn


Stormin’s Clyde All Mighty

CH Kandiland’s Hot Tamale

CH Dixhill Dilettante CD Fn & Wh

CH Hyauna’s Dixhill Demimonde Fn & Wh



Dynasty’s Miss Piglet

TN12162601 Fn

Stormin’s Songbird

Western Star Brut Champaign Fn & Wh

Stormin’s Little Rock Fn & Wh



TN69145205 Fn & Wh

Wallawalla Queenie Reina

Duke Chewbeca

Hop Pepper’s Chewbeca Fn & Wh

Khani Fanci Lassie Bk & Tn Wh mrkings




TM77300101 Fn & Wh

Hyauna’s Tinker Bell Of Nona’s

CH Clark’s Black Bart Bk & Wh

Hyauna’s Bonni Bell Fn & Wh


Missy Mom - Isabella (Trivista's Blue Craft Warning)

Missy's Dad - Killer (CH. Odyssey's Pepe Le Pew)

Missy's Grandfather (mothers side)


Missy's Aunt


Missy's Aunt


Missy as a puppy


Past Puppies of Missy grown up: