McEntire's Princess of Quite-A-Lot

(Call name: Princess.  She is From Pinky and Hatty)


Princess's Mom

McEntires Lil Pinky Pinkster




Mcentires Lil Pinky Pinkster

Tiko Jack S
TP308602/03 03-04
Blue & Tan White Markings

Naomi's Teddy Bear
TP082324/01 12-02
Fawn & White

Marapoo's The Other Dude
TN813882/01 08-99 (Canada)
Fawn & White
AKC DNA #V98041

Marapoo's Super Dude
TN539519/01 03-98 (Canada)
Fawn & White

Page's Classic Chassie
Fawn & White

Royal Acre's April Showers
TN536524/01 10-98
Fawn & White

CH Ra's Ricky-Bumba Of Smalleys
TN093127/03 08-97
Fawn White Markings
AKC DNA #V202389

Royal Acre's Noel Of Xmas
TN338127/02 08-97
Fawn & White

Bev's Blue On White Daisy
TN970521/02 12-02
Blue & White

CH Smalley's Red Dynomo
TD231183 11-91
Fawn & White

CH Royal A's Fievel Mousekowitz
TC732746 10-88
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V98043

Smalleys Little Lady
TD114755 02-90
Fawn & White

Bev's Fluffy Hot Muffin
TN180887/03 03-97
Black & Tan Spotted On White

Ida's Hot And Spicy Burrito
TM958036/02 03-95
Fawn Black Mask

Ida's Fawn Bambie
TN007066/04 03-95
Fawn White Markings



Chloe Belle S.
TN989411/02 03-04
Fawn & White

Sammy's Paddywack ML
TN657606/01 05-00
Fawn & White

Samuel Tinker Toyjoy
TN266485/02 06-97
Black White Markings

Garlands Choice
TM574126/01 09-93
Fawn & White

Stewart's Lupe
TM816557/01 11-93

Craft's Noir-A-Blanca
TN504765/06 05-98
Black & Tan White Markings

Craft's Poppy's Chrlie Boy
TM561650/01 11-92
Fawn & White

Craft's Licorace-Stick Lady
TN064285/02 10-95
White & Black

Stormin's Luna Falada
TN333512/01 06-97

Yvonne's Sunnydlight
TM546700/01 05-95
Fawn & White

Stewart's Fritz Of Hotshot
TD058993 03-90

CH Wallawalla Materndia Deleit
TC415288 02-88
Fawn White Markings

Minerva Chiflada Jenkins
TM869419/03 04-96

Techichi's Pocoxitl Wallatwo
TC016498 12-82

Wallawalla Kokita
TM423830/01 09-92


Princess's Dad

CH Hatteras Cape Jule Rome



One of Princess's Past Puppies